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So alright, Lem accepted a position

at a Persian tea lounge. She always had a love of serving and food. What can one say? So, when it came to having to choose one of several offers (the 4 seasons had a shift before dawn which she rejected. A local sushi bar that specializes in traditional sushi preparation was willing to send her for needed training, but she also declined that offer. So, what was it about the Persian tea lounge that attracted her so? She just loves tea. Its that simple. Combine her love of serving others and her passion for tea, the more exotic the better, and you have her decision. Oh yeah, there is one more thing. Another cat that is working there. A male cat. But more about that in the future. For now we are getting used to setting her alarm and making sure her whiskers are straight.

Russian band in Paris Metro

Their spirited music is appropriate now that Obama has been sworn in.

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As Tavis Smiley said (paraphrase) "The dream is not has started."

Out of the cold

Sunday, January 18, 2009

its 1 year old

My sketch for the day blog is today one year old.
Its been fun and a passion for the last year
and some 550 sketches. Hoping for more to come.
Everyday perhaps?!

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lunchtime fare, French field workers

According to a recent article in The NY Times the French are finding creative ways to "reframe"
their declining sales as regards luxury items. A return to basic values and other ludicrous
ways of describing the decline in sales are being used to maintain the French self regard and deny the
reality of what is happening. This amounts to having it both ways as far as I am concerned.

Here is my visual response to that phenomenon.
Thanks again to Richard Roberts for pointing me to the article mentioned.

rue jiraudoux sketch

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