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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

close up of clown

figures at bottom close up

latest version

Here's the latest version. The photo has over exposed some of the color
on the clown and the lady at bottom is out of focus some. Otherwise, I have worked on figure below (shirt and face) and background. Reduced size of spot light cast. Worked on clown added tightrope etc.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

3rd session

I have continued on the painting. Worked on the clown figure, his clothing and his face trying to have the light come from below. Difficult in so small a face, under 3/4 of an inch in size. I have also softened the spotlit shadow edges. I think that its better as it was attracting too much attention before. I still need to work this out more. Also, need to repaint male onlookers shirt and sweater as they don't work for me. Perhaps a redder red and more strength in the light and dark. I've placed a pencil hold line for the tightrope. I will also increase the light of the underside soles of his feet/shoes to better give the sense of spotlight from below. As well as selectively light the tightrope in the areas where the light hits it directly. Not 100% sure of the hat and how to light it and whether the shape is quite right yet.

close-up of clown

This is a close up to show the face, etc.


Monday, April 27, 2009


Drew this one right before the "heat wave."

Sunday, April 26, 2009

2nd session

This is the developing painting, still unfinished. I have worked on the figures, the clown and the space between these 2 elements. I am also exploring how I want the spotlight shadow cast to appear. I have reduced its size (siloette) and I will soften it further in next session. Stay tuned for further developments over the days ahead. I will finish this painting by mid week this week.

tightrope clown goauche painting

Here's the first lay in for the painting in goauche of a clown on a tightrope. I have already done this painting in a different compositon without onlookers (see below) but I felt it needed something. I added the onlookers and had the clown face us and ownward plus I added a light to the tent top. This is the initial painting getting things in place and the composition stated and starting to add color.

Friday, April 24, 2009

IF - Theater

Don't let these 2 guys fool you. They are clowns.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nathan Lane on The David Letterman Show

Grock the clown

Here's a sketch for one of the paintings I am doing on clowns.
Its Grock the famous Swiss clown who often played with the scale
of things especially when he took a small fiddle out of a large bass
fiddle case and played it as if it were the large one.

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Thank you Lynne

I want to thank Lynne Chapman for her acknowledgment of my work and her awarding me the Passion for Painting Award.
I appreciate it so much Lynne.
I love Lynne’s work, both her illustrations and her sketchbooks. Her blog has an enormous amount of information regarding her illustrated books, readings, her work process and much more. You can view her work at her blog:

Lynne Chapman

Something else I am passionate about. After drawing from life or starting a new painting (always such a thrill) that would have to be food. Good food is such a pleasure and the combinations of color texture and taste are like artworks to me from the simplest Croque Monsieur to one of Beth’s fabulous scallop stews. Now, chocolate is another topic - Oh well, if one could learn moderation.

So, now it’s my turn to choose an artist who inspires me. Melanie Reim is such a wonderful drawing teacher and artist. It’s Melanie that got me started on this recent drawing journey. What I love most about her drawings is that many are like paintings. Her line seems effortless, appears, inscribes and moves on.

Melanie Reim

So, I choose Melanie to receive this award as well.

Also, Antonio Garcia Lopez has long been a favorite painter of mine. Unfortunately he does not have a website I am aware of so try this for a view of his work:

Antonio Garcia-Lopez

One of my most favorite paintings ever is on that site: The Table, painted in 1971-1980.

IF - Fleeting


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IF - talisman

This is a talisman and a play on words as well.


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